common cat diseases

Cats are excellent at self-care. Some of the more common cat diseases and health problems can’t be avoided by even the most meticulous feline. We just want to make sure…

What do horses eat

Horses eat many, many small meals rather than a few big ones like we do. They must consume lots of fibre to keep their extremely long and sensitive digestive tract working. Horses spend most of their time eating! In simple terms, horses consume grass and hay or haylage, but depending on the appropriate work regime and available feed, salt, concentrates, and fruits or vegetables may also be added to the horse diet.

Dog Food

Dog food is very much needed for the dietary need of your puppy from the time when he is weaned from his mother’s milk. The great difference between adult and puppy is the protein content of foods. The percentage of protein for adult dogs is less than for a puppy.