How Smart Are Cockatiels? Everything You Need to Know!

How Smart Are Cockatiels? Everything You Need to Know!

Cockatiels are quite popular as pet birds around the world. Understanding a pet bird’s intelligence and abilities is only natural. They are friendly parrots that are simple to tame and train. Cockatiels can learn complex melodies, tricks, words, and phrases.

The more prominent and more vocal relative of the cockatiel is the cockatoo. The other parrot species are not classed in the same family as cockatoos and cockatiels!

Cockatiels are very intelligent. Cockatiels are on par with young human children. Execute several of these activities better than humans. Studies have found that birds have smaller brains and more neurons than mammals.

Cockatiels enjoy playing games and being goofy for their owner. Getting some training from their owners, they are capable of learning exciting tricks.

In this blog, you get a clear concept of cockatiels’ life, their intelligence, and why they are unique. We have also described the various ways in detail for your easy understanding.

Cockatiels Are Smart In Different Ways

There is no question that cockatiels are intelligent, even without specific evidence that can measure how smart they are to other avians.

It is simple to think that male cockatiels are wiser because they tend to be louder than females. Yet, vocalization is only one potential indicator of bird intelligence.

Cockatiels are intelligent and friendly birds. That can remember faces and tell their owner apart from other people. Even anyone who has ever taken care of one will attest.

Most of the cerebral capacities of different birds vary. At the same time, some cockatiels are masters at picking up complex tunes. There is still a lot to understand when it comes to cockatiel intellect.

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Most Intelligent Parrot

Owners of cockatiels know that their bird has a range of emotions, including anger, excitement, and hopelessness in a careless environment.

We now know that each side of the bird’s brain regulates a distinct set of processes. That is a sign of intelligence.


Strong emotions like fear and love are in the right hemisphere. At the same time, the left hemisphere controls automatic responses and inhibition.

It observes that cockatiels have feelings for other birds. And have even tried to comfort them. They show intense care for their mate, whether a person or a bird and appear to have a sense of justice.

The loss of a partner will sadden them, going so far as lose their appetite.

Problem Solving Ability of Cockatiel 

Cockatiels are problem-solvers. As shown by their aptitude for using puzzle toys to unlock special goodies. They seek and must the cerebral challenge and stimulation that such puzzles provide.

Keep an eye on your cockatiel and his favorite toys since he has a knack for surprising you with his inventive ideas.

Simple cage locks cannot stop cockatiels from escaping. They do that to surprise their unaware owners. Many cockatiel keepers need to use aftermarket clips or latches.  It needs to secure its clever cockatiel better.

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Super Sharp Cockatiel Memory

In the wild, birds rely on their memory to find food and avoid predators. It is not surprising to hear that cockatiels can also do this.

It’s a quality that birds send down through the generations. When you treat them as pets, it is crucial to the survival of this species.

Their capacity to remember certain words or ways to use toys goes hand in hand with their memory. A cockatiel will learn how to handle a toy more and retain this knowledge the next time.

Additionally, cockatiels are popular for memorizing their daily schedule, including wake-up and sleep times and expected visitor arrivals.

Cockatiels even can recall how particular people treat them, going one step further. They develop the ability to tell who will treat them well and who has not in the past.

Cockatiel Talking

Cockatiels can vocalize noises, imitate sentences, and in rare cases, even whistle. They do this to communicate with both people and other birds. It’s crucial to remember that not all cockatiels will choose to act this way.

Yet, the ability to speak is a sign of intellect and talent they can get. The ability to learn new words is powerful in male cockatiels.

Cockatiels learn it sounds best while they are young like young toddlers do. As young as three months old, they are capable of doing this.

Try teaching your cockatiel words like hello, goodbye, and goodnight. You will need to train your pet to recognize and correlate the expression with an action.

Play with Cockatiel

Play is an excellent sign of intellect. Although most people don’t link play with intelligence. Playful cockatiels are capable of keeping them amused. They might drop objects into their bathwater to hear the splash or switch toys.

Cockatiels can enjoy invigorating chase activities with either other birds or their owner. They might even steal your favorite item to compel you to interact with them.

Finally, you may astonish at how long your happy cockatiel will play if you build your bird an activity mat with sewn-on buttons, bells, and keys.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are cockatiels good pets?

Cockatiels make kind, patient, and tranquil pets. They don’t need a lot of room, and apartments allow them. Cockatiels love to engage with people. They enjoy being the center of attention and are excellent companion birds. They are very laid-back and enjoy the company of other birds as well.

Are cockatiels simple to maintain?

Cockatiels are beginner birds since they need little maintenance from new bird keepers. Generally speaking, they make less noise than other birds. A low-maintenance pet, cockatiels are also simple to train, affordable, and easy to meet.